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Schedule Key
Course Delivery Modes

 Clinical Field Experience
 Computer Taught
 Distance Learning (Online)
 Flexibly Scheduled
 In Person
 Video Taught (Simulcast) You will be required to be on campus
Building Codes Campus Map
 Cook Hall
 Galvin Hall
 Lima Life and Physical Sciences Building(Science Building)
 Portable Trailers 1 & 2 (Behind Galvin Hall)
 Portable Trailers 3 & 4 (Behind Galvin Hall)
 Reed Hall
Enrollment Types

E (Enrollment)=this is the enrollment portion of the class. This means that when you sign up for the class, you will use the class# associated with this class.

N (Non-enrollment)-this tells you that the class# associated with this class is not the number you will use to sign up for the class.