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Lima Campus Research and Special Projects Grants -- General description

Three times a year (early in each quarter), the Lima Campus Research and Special Projects Committee will issue a call for research and special project proposals.

The committee invites the submission of research proposals of all types. All full-time tenure line faculty are eligible to submit proposals. Proposals of any size will be considered, but the budget of the committee is limited and the primary intention of the funds is to encourage general faculty participation in research: thus smaller proposals are more likely to be fully funded. The maximum grant amount is $2500, but many proposals have substantially smaller budgets. There is no minimum size.

Faculty are encouraged to submit proposals well in advance of the need for funds; the bureaucratic process means that it is often a while between the committee's recommendation and the actual assignment of funds. Funded proposals generally do not expire for a year after funding. In cases of particular need, the committee may consider proposals at times other than the triennial general call, but faculty are encouraged only to submit proposals after a call is issued.

The committee defines research broadly to include whatever advances a scholar's status as a researcher within that scholar's discipline. While it is recognized that travel to academic conferences may fit this criterion, such travel funds should be sought from the Associate Dean. Only in exceptional cases, and only when funds permit, will the committee entertain requests for travel to conferences. Such requests must demonstrate (1) that all other sources of funding (Associate Dean, department, college, etc.) have been exhausted, and (2) how attending the meeting advances the faculty member's research profile and has a substantive reseach component, preferably beyond mere attendance or giving a paper.

Generally, equipment purchases should be made through normal campus or departmental funds. We urge people to be as conservative as possible in their funding requests, as money is getting tighter every year. In particular, be reasonable about meal costs: the University guidelines are perhaps more generous than most people need.

N.B. Applicants whose projects receive funding must submit a report to the committee at the close of the project. The committee will not consider further proposals by the same faculty member until it receives this report (or a progress report if the first project is on-going at the time of the faculty member’s next application).

It should be emphasized that the committee is merely advisory, and final determination of grants will be made by the administration.

The committee will be glad to assist faculty, especially new faculty who have never received funding before, on the preparation of proposals. Copies of previously-funded proposals are available from Duane W. Roller.

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