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Distance Education Information

Ohio State at Lima offers a variety of distance education classes to provide our students with the convenience of taking Columbus campus classes without the commute to Columbus.

What is distance education?

Distance education is any learning situation where the instructor and the students are separated by time or location.  Distance learning courses employ a wide array of electronic and information technologies. These include print, web pages, chat software, multimedia, audio conferencing and video conferencing.

Video Conferencing

Video conferencing is two-way visual and verbal communication. It is an effective means of distance education for courses or programs. Video conferencing features:

  1. Synchronous learning (all students learning and communicating at the same time)
  2. Communication with specific geographic regions
  3. Visual and verbal communication
  4. Group interaction between students which includes small group activities or dialogue between students
  5. Connection with students multiple times. Students often need several exposures to video conferencing to feel comfortable with the camera
  6. Connection to guest speakers in distant locations

OSU at Lima uses Internet Protocol H.323 video conferencing equipment. Connecting to another IP video conferencing unit, at Ohio State or outside of the University, is very much like making a phone call. You dial the number of the other video conferencing unit to connect. If you connect to multiple sites, or are connecting IP video to another form of video conferencing, you will need to go through a "bridge." With multiple site video conferencing, specific bridging units call the bridge number to connect.

Distance Education Courses

Find distance education courses on the Registrar's Master Schedule  -- set the quarter, year AND be sure to select "Additional Search Criteria" then Mode of Instruction- Distance Learning. Make sure you have chosen Lima for the campus setting. 

Keep in mind, not all Lima Distance Education classes are indicated on the OSU Master Schedule.  See Lima Class Schedules-- distance education classes will have a VT or a DL after the course number.

The letter VT after a course number on Lima's course offerings indicates a two way synchronous video conference class, therefore you will need to check for room information.

The letter DL after a course number on Lima's course offerings indicates an online class. If it is an online only course, you will get the online course information from the instructor.

The Letters CT after a course number on Lima's course offerings indicates a blended course where part is taught by computer and part on campus.

Dedicated Distance Education Locations      

Room Number

 Maximum Occupancy

Type of Resource
Galvin 310K


Galvin 318 20 classroom
Public Service 207 16 conference room

Mobile video conference equipment is available, but it is suggested to utilize the DE classrooms first. Please check with the helpdesk for reservations.

To reserve for a conference, please place a ticket in the OTRS system.  

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