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Parents and Family
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Good morning,

I hope your student had a great first week back and hopefully feeling a bit more sure of things as this second quarter begins.

For some students, Autumn quarter is exactly what they had expected. They managed to figure out the school/work/fun balance and did very well. For others, Autumn quarter may have been more difficult. It is important to remember that one quarter does not make or break a student's college career, and what students do to move forward is most important:

1.       Struggling academically?

a.       Be sure to encourage the use of the Learning Center.

b.      Remind students to meet with their professors.

c.       Talk to an advisor about a plan of action.

2.       Struggling with stress or emotions?

a.       Remind students we have free counseling available.

b.      Reach out to our student advocate.

3.       Struggling Financially?

a.       Make sure Financial Aid is aware - maybe there are some more options?

4.       Struggling Socially?

a.       Take advantage of campus activities and FYE events - like skiing or ice skating to meet new people

b.      Talk to a counselor

Every student has the opportunity to start fresh this quarter. Encourage them to ask for help!

In other news... Buckeye Alert is here! This is the message your student is receiving today about signing up, and timing may be perfect as snow is in the forecast.

"In addition to the traditional information outlets of television, radio and the web, Ohio State Lima students, faculty and staff can now find out about weather cancellations through the Buckeye Alert campus notification system. To sign up, go to http://buckeyealert.osu.edu/. The system will not be used to alert you to individual class cancellations. Those will be available from your professors and on the Ohio State Lima website at http://Lima.OSU.edu."

Have a great day!

Beth Keehn