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Parents and Family
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Spring Week 1

What a beautiful day!

Today is second day of the spring quarter and it seems that the students are enjoying the nice weather!

A couple of reminders as the quarter begins:

  • Tuition is always due on the first day of the quarter. If your student has not paid yet, please have them take care of that right away to avoid late fees.
  • If your financial situation has changed dramatically since the year began and you and your student are having difficulties paying, please contact Financial Aid right away. You may be able to file an appeal to make changes to your FAFSA. The sooner the better!
  • Be sure to double check that you are not being charged for student health insurance if you do not want it. Students can check this on their Statement of Account located on their Student Services Center, buckeyelink.osu.edu
  • If your student was waitlisted for a course, be sure they are checking their schedules daily to see if they were added. We occasionally hear from students who didn’t realize they were added to a waitlisted class until it is too late and they have to drop.

Now, on a completely different topic….

We are in midst of doing final planning for Summer Orientations for the freshman class of 2010, and I am once again in charge of the Parent Information Session. You may or may not recall this from your orientation, but we had a short presentation and then a panel with 2 parents sharing their experience. In the past, I have always called on parents who are faculty or staff on campus. However, I am wondering if it would beneficial to have a couple of parents who are not affiliated with the university sit on the panel this year??

So, my questions are:

1—Do you think having non-university people sit on the panel would be beneficial?

2—Would you be willing/available/interested in being one of those parents?

Any feedback on this topic would be appreciated.