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Parents and Family
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Good Morning, «Parents_First»~

Well, it’s been a few weeks since you heard from me, I apologize. I was out for a few weeks on medical leave…but I’m back now if you need anything!

I may have more updates later this week, as I am still getting back in the swing of things, but I wanted to share this information right away.

Ohio State Student Health Services is hosting a Flu Shot Clinic THIS WEDNESDAY, November 17 from noon-2pm on the Lima campus in the Public Service Building, Room 207.

Flu Shots are 25$, but receipts will be available so that cost can be submitted to your health insurance. Students on OSU Health Insurance will not have a cost for the shot.

While health decisions are certainly individual ones, the university strongly encourages our students to get the flu shot. Students, both living in student housing or not, are in very close quarters with thousands of other students each day; sharing desks, doorknobs, and classrooms. Please encourage your students to take advantage on this opportunity.

Hopefully your student survived the first round of mid-terms!

Have a great day.

Beth Keehn