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Parents and Family
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So, how was it? The first quarter at Ohio State has come and almost gone for your student - I certainly hope everything went well.

Undoubtedly, some students felt homesick or lonely; some overwhelmed and confused; some starting to question their majors and career paths.  All are normal feelings for a new freshman at any University. But hopefully, mixed in with those anxious feelings, were ones of excitement about the future, their professors, new friends and a new way of looking at the world. If your student had a rough quarter, now is the time to remind them that they just need to stick it out and work hard. Each quarter will get better and soon your students will be the upperclassmen who seem to have it all figured out.

As you probably know, next week is finals week. This can be an especially tough weekend (or at least it SHOULD be) for students. Long hours at the library or an overnight study session might be necessary, but can take its toll on students emotionally. Be prepared for a grumpy week...

And finally, students should have already scheduled for winter quarter classes. If they have not, do not wait! Your student can schedule with their advisor at 419-995-8264 or register themselves on-line at buckeyelink.osu.edu

Please let me know if you need anything,

Warmest regards,


PS: For those who ordered a Brutus Cake, they are being delivered today and they look YUMMY!!