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Autumn Week 10

Happy Holidays from Ohio State Lima!

By now, your student should be done with Autumn quarter finals and grades are likely posted to their Student Self-Service pages at www.buckeyelink.osu.edu And as the grades come in, your students may be trying to process how their first quarter as a college student went.

  • Some students may be feeling quite confident-they seemingly have made a successful transition to University-level work. Congratulations!
  • Others did fine, but maybe not as well as they had hoped. They worked hard and will undoubtedly be making plans to do better next quarter.
  • And still others are realizing now that Ohio State is much different than high school. Please know that it is common for some students to have a more severe transition. They key will be what they do with that realization going forward.
  • Please remind your students of the following services that are here to help them as winter quarter approaches:

  • Counseling and Consultation Services can offer free help in all areas from homesickness to depression; procrastination to self-injury; and time management to relationship issues. If your student could use their help, refer them to Samantha at 419-995-8272
  • Student Advocacy can help if your student wants or needs help but doesn't know who to ask. Gail at 419-995-8698
  • Academic Advisors can help students if they need to make schedule adjustments. 419-995-8264
  • Career Services can help those that may now be second guessing their majors. 419-995-8053
  • Financial Aid is here to help if money has become more of a concern since Autumn quarter. 419-995-8147
  • Study Skills Classes are available. EDUPAES 270.03 is a 3 credit hour class and EDUPL 259 is a 5 credit hour class. Both still have seats open in them for winter quarter.
  • And finally, the offices within enrollment services (Admissions, Financial Aid and First Year Experience) will be moving soon. Our Visitor & Student Services Center will be opening next week and is located in the building nearest the corner of Mumaugh Road and Campus Drive. Our goal is to have uninterrupted phone and email service...keep our fingers crossed. And neither phones nor emails will change.

    Be safe the next few weeks and please let us know if we can try and be of assistance.