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Faculty, Staff and Administration:
Weather Policy
OSU Lima Weather Delays and Cancellations Policy

Every situation is different and will be handled individually, but, in general, if a Level 2 snow emergency is declared in Allen County classes will be cancelled and Ohio State Lima campus will be closed. A Buckeye Alert will be sent out to all students, faculty and staff who have registered their cell phone numbers in the Buckeye Alert system. If you have not registered your cell phone number, go here.

If a Level 1 snow emergency is declared, Ohio State Lima will make every effort to remain open. However, when conditions reach Level 1, students should pay close attention to area radio and TV announcements for updates. The broadcast media will be contacted as soon as possible when all classes are delayed or cancelled or the campus is closed. The best and most immediate way to be alerted to cancellations and delays is to register for the Buckeye Alert system.

When classes are cancelled, offices often remain open; when the campus is closed, all operations are shut down. Individual class cancellations will NOT be reported to the media or through Buckeye Alert; only when ALL classes are cancelled or delayed will Buckeye Alert be used or the media be asked to make announcements for the campus.

Individual class cancellations can be found at the top of this web page, http://lima.osu.edu/cancellations/. Students can also check their Carmen accounts for individual class cancellation information.

Because Ohio State Lima is a commuter campus and does not utilize public mass transportation, the campus does not close nearly as frequently as area school systems. Closings/cancellations are rare.

Ohio State Lima serves a broad geographic area that often has diverse weather conditions. Commuters may experience conditions that make travel difficult. In such cases students are asked to use their discretion regarding travel. If Ohio Lima has not issued an official cancellation or delay, students are expected to exercise their mature judgment in determining whether to attend classes or activities sanctioned by the University. Students are accountable for any material missed during an absence without an official delay or announced cancellation. Faculty members are encouraged to provide absent students the opportunity to make up missed work on their own. In all cases, students are expected to pursue by their own self-directed efforts the course content, activities, and assignments for which they are responsible during the period of absence.


If weather forces a delay, classes will generally resume at 10 a.m. The portion of the class that was scheduled prior to the announced delayed time has been canceled as well as that portion of the same class which extends no greater than 30 minutes beyond the delayed start time.

For example, if the college delays until 10 a.m., a class starting at 8:00 a.m. and ending at 10:20 a.m. has been canceled for the day. However, a class starting at 8 a.m. but ending at 11 a.m. would still be holding class for one hour starting at 10 a.m. Activities or classes scheduled to begin on or after the delayed time will be conducted in a normal manner with students held responsible for any material presented.

A. Gilmore – Associate Dean                                                                                                                         Updated:  12/5/13