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For Immediate Release

Oct. 9, 2007

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Ohio State Lima enrollment up 10 percent for Autumn Quarter 2007

Student body represents 38 counties and includes nearly 500 new freshmen

While it won’t be written in stone until Columbus takes its official 15-day count, it is obvious that more students are attending the Ohio State University at Lima. Classes are full. Students are hanging out on the picnic tables and playing games on the Quad. When classes let out, the halls and gathering spaces are crowded.

“It’s great. The energy on campus is phenomenal,” said Beth Keehn, director of Admissions and Financial Aid. “This freshmen class has already been incredibly active in clubs and activities and we look forward to watching them grow during their time on Ohio State Lima’s campus.”

The overall enrollment for Autumn Quarter 2007 stands at 1342, which is up 10.5 percent from the Autumn 2006 count of 1214. 496 new freshmen are included in that number, which is a 39.3 percent increase from the Autumn 2006 freshmen class number of 356.

More and more students are starting their Buckeye careers at a regional campus. About a third will then continue at the Columbus campus after a year or more in Lima. Those who stay in Lima can choose among eight Bachelor degree programs, two Bachelor degree completion programs and four Masters degree programs. Many are also choosing to earn their Associate of Arts degree as a benchmark toward their Bachelor’s degree at Ohio State.

“One of the goals of the extended campuses of Ohio State University is to open up an Ohio State education to the people of Ohio,” said Dr. John R. Snyder, dean and director at Ohio State Lima. “Ohio State Lima is a portal to Ohio State and the increased opportunities that a great education can bring. We are delighted that we can offer an Ohio State education to more and more of west central Ohio’s students.”

Many of the students in the incoming freshmen class at Lima relocated to the area to attend classes at Ohio State Lima, representing 38 counties in Ohio.

“This is not only good news for the campus,” said Keehn. “This is a good trend for Lima. Students coming to Lima for their education will be more likely to stay here or come back here for a job someday. This could be a real exciting change in our community.”

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