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Oct. 17, 2013

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Sober in October brings alcohol awareness to Ohio State Lima

National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week is Oct. 20-26, 2013, and The Ohio State University at Lima is observing the week with a campaign called "Sober in October." A series of events are scheduled, each one aimed at bringing awareness to the effects of alcohol and creating a healthier and safer campus.

9 a.m.-3 p.m., Mon., Oct. 21-Thur., Oct. 24, 2013, Galvin Hall Lobby and Reed Hall Cafeteria

The Office of Student Activities and the Health(y) Buckeyes student organization will encourage students to sign a pledge key promising to never drink and drive and to always designate a sober driver. The pledge keys will be displayed on pledge trees in Galvin and Reed Halls throughout the week.

7:30 p.m., Tues., Oct. 22, 2013, Martha W. Farmer Theatre for the Performing Arts

Comedian and former high risk drinker Wendi Fox presents "Trashed: A True Story." Based on her personal experiences, Wendi takes a mind bending but funny look at all of the bad plays in a youthful game of reckless roulette and how her dysfunctional childhood, youthful optimism and drunk logic lead her to tragic people and frightening places. Wendi brings Trashed to a close with "The Big Beer Goggle Challenge," which uses audience participation to demonstrate the dangers of drinking and driving. This event is sponsored by the Arts and Lecture Series, the Office of Student Activities, Health(y) Buckeyes and OSU Police, and is free and open to the public.

11 a.m.-1 p.m., Thurs., Oct. 24, 2013, The Quad

OSU Police and local law enforcement officials will administer field sobriety tests and remote control car obstacle courses for students wearing beer goggles. The Office of Student Activities will also set up a virtual bar, which is a website that allows students to learn about the effects of alcohol on the body and how different factors can influence the severity of these effects.

7:30 p.m., Thurs., Oct. 24, 2013, Galvin Game Room

The Office of Student Activities and Health(y) Buckeyes will host "Mocktails and a Movie." Non-alcoholic drinks and snacks will be served during the evening showing of "Now You See Me."

A wrecked car will also sit on the corner of Campus and Biddle drives throughout the week to demonstrate the effects of drinking and driving.

The Office of Student Activities and the Arts and Lecture Series are co-sponsored by Ohio State Lima and Rhodes State College.