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For immediate release
May 3, 2011

Contact: Lesley Fry at (419) 995-8671 or Pam Joseph at (419) 995-8284

Olson to exhibit in Toronto photography festival with photos from Lima

Bradley Olson, lecturer of art at The Ohio State University at Lima, will have five photographs exhibited in the Scotiabank Contact Photography Festival in Toronto, Ontario, May 1-28, 2011. Olson and four other photographers will present their exhibit, Middleground, at Twist Gallery. The opening reception is from 7-10 p.m., Fri., May 6.

Middleground is a collection of new works that alludes to the role of the photographer as an agent who, from that middle ground, observes, orchestrates and frames the subject, thus defining the figure from the foreground and guiding the observerís reading of the image. All of Olsonís photographs in the exhibition are still life images taken in various locations around Lima in 2010. They capture, in fine detail at a short distance, the form and surface of relics from daily life.

Olson began teaching at The Ohio State University in 2005 as a graduate teaching assistant before eventually becoming a lecturer upon the completion of his Master of Fine Arts degree in 2007. Classes he has taught include digital, film, darkroom, social documentary, and black and white photography as well as drawing, two dimensional art, and art education.


Olsonís photos to be exhibited in Middleground:

Bradley Olson, Untitled, 2010

Bradley Olson, Untitled, 2010

Bradley Olson, Untitled, 2010

Bradley Olson, Untitled, 2010

Bradley Olson, Untitled, 2010
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