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Psychology (College of Social and Behavioral Sciences)

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Psychology is the study of behavior - cognitive, biological and social processes related to humans and animals.

Psychology is a science, a method of conducting research and of understanding behavioral data.

Psychology is a discipline, a major subject of students in colleges and universities (number one in the Big Ten).

Psychology is a profession that requires special knowledge, abilities, and skills to help solve human problems.

The psychology major provides a broad overview of many areas including behavioral neuroscience, cognitive, experimental and psychobiology, quantitative, clinical counseling, developmental, social, industrial and organizational psychology.

Career Opportunities

Graduates from the psychology program have entered administration and management, business and industry, casework, child care, employment interviewing, gerontology, health services, marketing and public relations, personnel, probation and parole, research, sales, teaching and technical writing. The degree is a pre-requisite for entry into a number of graduate programs and useful in such diverse areas as pharmacy, medicine, counseling and health services.

Faculty and staff for Department of Psychology

As with many of Ohio State Lima's programs, courses are offered through a combination of various instructional techniques including web-based courses, distance learning, and on-campus instruction offered by regular full and part time departmental faculty as well as local business leaders.

  • Dr. Joseph Green
  • Dr. Patrick J. Carroll
  • Dr. Fabio Leite
  • Dr. Samantha Haudenschield
  • Dr. Virginia Tompkins
  • MaryAnn Kromer, MA


  • Galvin Hall
  • Violet I. Meek Psychology Research Center

For Columbus campus program ... http://www.psy.ohio-state.edu/

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