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Biology (College of Biological Sciences),
Department of Evolution Ecology and Organismal Biology

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Biology is the science that studies the processes fundamental to all forms of life. Biology strives to answer such questions as: What is life and when does it begin? How do organisms grow and reproduce? How and why do pollutants threaten certain life forms? What makes one life form unique and at the same time changeable by genetic engineering or natural selection? And how can human life be sustained and lengthened by new medical advances?

An understanding of the biological sciences and their basic principles can help you make informed decisions about biological issues that affect your own life and life in general.

The BIOLOGY major is a stepping stone to research, graduate school, medicine or various health professions, teaching, or work in business or service in government or independent agencies.

Career Opportunities

Research scientist, college professor, medicine, health sciences, business (pharmaceutical sales), teaching, or jobs in nature centers or government. A biology graduate will most likely work in key economic industries of health, food, environment, pharmaceuticals or education.

Faculty and staff for biology

  • Jacqueline Augustine, Assistant Professor
  • Michael Cunningham, Associate Professor Emeritus
  • Charles Good, Associate Professor Emeritus
  • Elisabeth Gray, Senior Lecturer
  • Susan Heaphy, Lecturer
  • Eric Juterbock, Associate Professor
  • Michael Reagon, Assistant Professor


Department of Evolution, Ecology and Organismal Biology .. eeob.osu.edu/
Center For Life Sciences ... clse.osu.edu/

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