Rizvi, Syed Tariq
Professor of Mathematics
 Coordinator, Department of Mathematics

Office: Lima 402C Galvin Hall
Phone: 419-995-8211
Email:  rizvi.1@osu.edu or rizvi@math.ohio-state.edu

Research Areas: Injective/projective modules and their various generalizations. Baer Modules and Rings. Ring Hulls and their applications. Theory of Rings and Modules


  1. THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY, Department of Mathematics, Lima, Ohio, USA, 1982 - present Professor of Mathematics (1997 - present); Associate Professor of Mathematics (1989 - 97); Assistant Professor of Mathematics (1982 - 89); Coordinator, Department of Mathematics at OSU-Lima (2000 - present) Teaching various Mathematics courses offered at undergraduate level, doing research, and serving on various university committees. Serving as a Ph.D. supervisor of graduate students. Administrative responsibilities of the Department of Mathematics, Math Curriculum and teaching assignments. ALIGARH UNIVERSITY, Department of Mathematics, India, Fulbright Scholar & Visiting Professor, (Aug 2002 - July 2003), Duties involved, research and M.Phil Seminars.
  2. UNIVERSITY OF WATERLOO, WATERLOO, Department of Pure Mathematics, Ontario, Canada. (1981-1982), Post Doctoral Fellow: Duties involved research and teaching. Presented as series of weekly research seminars in the Ring Theory Seminar Program.
  3. UNIVERSITY OF RIYADH, RIYADH, Department of Mathematics, Saudi Arabia Jan-Dec 1981 Assistant Professor: Duties involved research, teaching and committee work, Taught B.Sc./M.Sc. courses on Group Theory, Commutative Algebra, Representation Theory of Finite Groups. Initiated and organized the Algebra Research Seminars Program and presented about 20 weekly seminar talks.
  4. McMASTER UNIVERSITY, HAMILTON, Department of Mathematical Sciences, 1976-1981 Ontario, Canada; Dalley Fellow (McMaster's most prestigious fellowship); Graduate Teaching Assistant


  1. The Fulbright Scholar Award, the Fulbright Board, Washington, D.C. 2002-2003
  2. The Ohio State University at Lima "Outstanding Faculty Scholar Award" 1991 
  3. Dalley Fellowship, McMaster University, Hamilton, Canada 1976 - 1980 (One of McMaster University's most prestigious elected graduate research fellowships)
  4. Sir Ziauddin Gold Medal for first rank in M.A./M.Sc. Mathematics, A.M.U. Aligarh 1975 (secured the highest marks in all faculties of the University combined)


  1. Invited Main Speaker, International Conference on Ring Theory and Matrix Theory, 2013
  2. Invited Speaker, International Joint Conference of American Math Society and Romanian Mathematical Society, Alba Iulia, Romania. Also Chaired a Session of this joint International Conference 2013
  3. Invited Speaker, Spring American Math Society Meeting, Ames, Iowa, USA 2013
  4. Invited Plenary Speaker, Mini Conference on Ring Theory, Nanjing University, Nanjing, China 2013
  5. Invited Speaker, American Mathematical Society Meeting, Akron, Ohio 2012
  6. Invited Plenary Speaker, National Seminar on Algebra, Himachal Pradesh University, Shimla, India 2011
  7. Chaired a Session at National Seminar on Algebra, Himachal Pradesh University, Shimla, India 2011
  8. Invited Colloquium Speaker, King Saud University, Riyadh, KSA 2011
  9. Chaired Two Sessions at the International Congress of Mathematicians (ICM) Satellite Conference on Rings and Near Rings, NEHU, Shillong, India 2010
  10. Chaired a Session at the International Conference on Noncommutative Rings and Representation Theory, Ramanujan School of Mathematics, Pondicherry University, India 2010
  11. 81st Indian National Science Congress, Jaipur, India; Presented invited opening Address- Math. 1994
  12. I serve as a Managing Editor and member of Editorial Boards of over 10 International Research Journals. Referee of research articles submitted for publication in various international journals and as a PhD supervisor at OSU. Also as examiner of a number of PhD dissertations on Ring Theory 2000-2013


  1. Research Book/Monograph Authored
  2. Extensions of Rings and Modules,
    A research monograph recently published by Springer/Birkhauser (Boston, New York, Heidelberg); 448- pages (with G.F. Birkenmeier, J.K. Park) August 2013
  3. Research Volumes, Edited
  4. 1. Ring Theory and its Applications.
    A research volume in the Contemporary Mathematics Series of the American Math Society, a refereed and peer-reviewed volume. 2014
    2. Trends in the Theory of Rings and Modules.
    A research volume based on refereed research papers by experts presented at an International Symposium on Ring Theory, Anamaya Publishers (New Delhi), 187 pages, (S. Zaidi, co-editor), 2005
    3. Algebra and its Applications,
    A research volume of refereed research papers of an International Conference Proceedings, Narosa Pub. Co. (New Delhi, Mumbai), (with Quadri, Ashraf, Co-editors), 2001
    4. Advances in Ring Theory,
    a refereed research volume based on 23rd Ohio State-Denison Math Conference, Birkhauser Pub. Co. (Boston, Basel, Berlin), 333 pages, (S. K. Jain, Co-editor) 1997
    5. Ring Theory,
    a refereed research volume of research papers- the 21st Ohio State-Denison Math Conference, World Scientific (Singapore, London) 377 pages (S. Jain, Co-editor), 1993
  5.  Selected Research Work/Publications
  6. 1. Transfer of Certain Properties from Modules to their Endomorphism Rings, (with G. Lee, C. S. Roman),
    Contemporary Math., American Mathematical Society, Refereed, Accepted for Publication, (2013).
    2. Modules whose endomorphism rings are von Neumann regular (with G. Lee, C. S. Roman),
    Communications in Algebra, Vol. 41, 4066-4088 (2013).
    3. Direct Sums of Rickart Modules (with G. Lee, C. S. Roman),
    Journal of Algebra, Vol 353, 62-78 (2012)
    4. When do direct sums of modules inherit certain properties?
    Proceedings of the 6th China-Japan- Korea International Conference on Ring Theory, World Scientific, New Jersey, pp 47-77, (2012).
    5. Dual Rickart Modules (with G. Lee, C. S. Roman),
    Comm. in Algebra, Vol 39, 4036-4058 (2011).
    6. Rickart Modules (with G. Lee, C. S. Roman),
    Comm. in Algebra, Volume 38 (11), 4005-4027, (2010).
    7. A Theory of Hulls for Rings and Modules (with G. F. Birkenmeier and J. K. Park),
    Ring and Module Theory, Trends in Mathematics, Birkhauser-Verlag Basel, 7-51, (2010).
    8. Properties of Injective Hulls of a Ring Having a Compatible Ring Structure (with B.L. Osofsky, J.K. Park)
    Glasgow Math Journal Volume 52A-121-138 (4) (2010).
    9. Principally quasi-Baer Ring Hulls  (with G.F. Birkenmeier and J. K. Park),
    Advances in Ring Theory Trends in Mathematics, Birkhauser, Boston, 47-61 (2010).
    10. Hulls of Ring Extensions (with G. Birkenmeier & J. Park),
    Canadian Math. Bull., 53, 587-601 (2010).
    11. The Structure of Rings of Quotients (with G. F. Birkenmeier and J. K. Park),
    Journal of Algebra, Volume 321, 2545-2566, (2009).
    12. Modules with FI-extending hulls (with G.F. Birkenmeier and J. K. Park),
    Glasgow Math. Journal Volume 51, 347-357, (2009).
    13. Hulls of Semiprime Rings with Applications to C*-Algebras (with G.F. Birkenmeier and J. K. Park)
    Journal of Algebra Volume 322, 327-352, (2009).
    14. Direct Sums of Baer Modules (with C.S. Roman),
    Journal of Algebra, Vol 321, 682 - 696 (2009).
    15. An Injective Hull with Distinct Ring Structures (with G. F.Birkenmeier, B.L. Osofsky, J.K. Park)
    Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra, Vol 213, 732-736 (2009).
    16. An Example of Osofsky and Essential Overrings (with G. F. Birkenmeier, J.K. Park)
    Contemporary Mathematics, Vol 480, Amer. Math. Soc., Providence, RI, 13-33 (2009).
  7. Selected Grants
    1. Received 3 Stimulus Research Grants from Math Research Institute, Columbus (Three years) at $5000 for each year (2010-2011, 2011-2012, and 2012-2013)
    2. Received several Grants from Math Research Institute for Organizing OSU-Denison Math Conferences. Most recent one: 31st Ohio State-Denison Math Conference (with Ron Solomon), $12500 (2011-2012)
    3. Received over 20 Research Grants on Ring and Module Theory, OSU-Lima Research Grants 1986-2013
    4. Received 27 Research Grants from Math Research Institute, Columbus, Ohio 1990-2012
    5. "Von Neumann Regular Rings, Generalizations and Extensions" $49,000, Co-principal Investigator, Korean Research Foundation, South Korea. 2001-2004
    6. Fulbright Scholar Grant, National Fulbright Board, Washington D.C., USA, 2002-2003
    7. Received an OSU CARES Initiative Seed Grant "Building New Linkages in Teacher Education" (peer reviewed competition), $9000. (1997  - 98)
    8. Awarded an Academic Challenge/Excellence Grant (with 2 colleagues) by Ohio Board of Regents for $210,000 (six years). Established a Math. Learning Center at the Ohio State University-Lima (1987-93)
  8. Selected Invited Talks:
    1. Plenary Speaker, International Conference on Ring and Matrix Theory, Southeast University, China, 2013 Title: On Certain Modules and their Endomorphism rings.
    2. Invited talk at the Joint International Meeting of the American Math Society and the Romanian Math Society, Alba Iulia, Romania, 2013. Title: On a Module Theoretic Analogue of a left Rickart Ring .
    3. Invited talk at the American Mathematical Society Central Meeting in Ames, Iowa, 2013, Title: On Baer Module Hulls- A preliminary report.
    4. Invited talk at the Central American Mathematical Society, University of Akron, Akron, Ohio, Title: (D-) Rickart modules and endomorphism rings, October, 2012.
    5. Invited Plenary Speaker and Chaired a Session at the 6th China-Japan-Korea International Conference on Ring Theory, Suwon, South Korea, Title: The Direct Sum Problem for Baer and Rickart Modules, 2011.
    6. Invited talk at the International Conference on Rings and Algebras, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan, Title: Some Recent Developments in the Theory of Rickart Modules,  July 11, 2011
    7. One Hour Invited Colloquium talk at the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR, Bombay), Mumbai, India, Title: Baer rings: A module theoretic analogue and related notions, August 18, 2011.
    8. One Hour Invited Colloquium Lecture at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Bombay, India, Title: Baer and Rickart Modules, August 19, 2011.
    9. One Hour Invited Plenary Speaker, National Seminar on Algebra, Himachal Pradesh University, Shimla, India 2011. Title: Recent Advances in the Theory of Baer and Rings and Modules.
    10. One Hour Invited Colloquium Speaker at King Saud University, KSA, 2011. Title: Endomorphism ring of a module and annihilator conditions.
    11. Invited Plenary Speaker at the International Conference on Noncommutative Rings, Ramanujan School of Mathematics, Pondicherry, India, 2010. Conditions on Annihilators in endomorphism ring of a module.
    12. Invited Colloquium Speaker at the Al-Imam University, Riyadh, K.S.A. Title of talk: The Theory of Baer Rings, Rickart Rings and Modules-Some Recent Developments, November 2010.
    13. Invited Plenary talk Idempotents and Annihilators in Endomorphism Rings, at International Conference for Algebra and Geometry, Phuket, Thailand, December 2009.
    14. Invited talk A Certain Class of Minimal Essential Overrings, at International Conference on Mathematics and its Application, Bangkok, Thailand, December 2009